Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wilbo Stays in the Home of a Tango Teacher, Rumba Master in Tree Town, Ann Arbor, @PureMichigan

I visited Ann Arbor to celebrate my daughter's birthday & it was a perfect late Summer evening and I delayed my departure. Avik doesn't instant book and yet he responded promptly. He hadn't expected to host on a Monday and yet he had his property ready for simple access. Ann Arbor is a town that just gets better as the hour draws towards Midnight. Heck, a popular spot in town is called Insomnia Cookies, catering to students fueled on coffee, studying late. The Fleetwood Diner never closes. Avik's property allowed me to soak up a few hours of a smart city that pleases both town and gown. Done with downtown, it was simple to depart downtown on Miller and find Mixtwood Street, his home found betwixt the hardwoods. Ann Arbor has prized its urban forest and this property gives a true experience of the urban arbor.

The interior fascinated, the home of a man who teaches Argentinian dance and practices yoga. Cleaning must be a Zen practice for him because the home was spotless. In the wastebasket, a pair of contact cases had settled at the wicker bottom. The dance teacher had gone out on town and the eternal dance kept him out until morning.

Clearly a perfect home base for exploring Ann Arbor in depth. 

Will Juntunen

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