Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wilbo Stays in a Century Old House in Chassell @PureMichigan & Imagines Berry Picking with a UP Grandmother.

I stayed for three nights in an AirB&B property in Chassell, Michigan. The review captures my delight at living in this old house. Chassell has all manner of charms and this property near St Anne's Catholic Church can be counted among those delights. The perennial garden had all the freshness of late summer although a frost or two had struck. The maple wood flooring that furnished the spacious living room and dining room fascinated me because one could bowl on the spaciousness. To ponder that the maple had been milled at the end of the eighteenth century just stunned me. I love to go out after work but I blew off a few events just to crash on the cozy couch in the living room, enjoying the quiet of the little village on Pike Bay. This place has to remind you of grand mom's house even if she didn't have you stay for Upper Peninsula summers and help her pick thimble berries, haw berries, black berries & raspberries. 

I'm totally recommending this house for writers with any kind of expression block because the bedroom upstairs has the right combination of fresh air and heat and the silence has to guarantee dreamy sleep. Working at the dining room table with a blond wood top, I pounded out paragraphs, looking up resources thanks to the fast wireless. 

The hostess has a charm all her own, expressed in messages through the AirB&B app and written in the notebook on a laminated wood table in the kitchen, which has all kinds of cooking equipment and a handy washer drier. Three bedrooms and a couch so bring the whole family!

Will Juntunen

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