Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Wooden Horse Named Dapple Gray stands at the heart of a Copper Harbor @PureMichigan Bed & Breakfast.

Dapple Gray is a wooden steeplechase carousel horse from the San Francisco Exposition of 1915. Ruth built a log cabin mansion around her resale find, located during her fancy free days as a student near Haight-Ashbury. Ruth might well be the most astute collector of antique glass in North America and I studied display cases of rare examples from the nineteenth century. The only collection of antique glass that has more well displayed examples awaits a visit to the glass pavilion of the Toledo Museum of Art. Ruth is a meticulous woman; a book she has under revision reveals her principals of antique collecting. Each final page has three pages of references and glosses. Her rooms exhibit the collection in context, the Lincoln Room replete with artifacts of the Civil War president. One room features World War II lithographs selling war bonds to American women, focusing on artists who specialized in beautiful women dressed as heroines, foremost Joan of Art. She now teaches a fifteen hour antique class only to students who stay in her B & B. Poised on a slope above Lake Superior, the B&B rooms are cleaned by herself. Her husband handles the grounds and keeping the fireplaces cracking with a pleasing blaze.
 —  at Dapple Gray B &B

Will Juntunen

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