Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wilbo Gives Up Trying to Strike Up Conversation Using Tee Shirt Messages as Conversational Gambits

People are pretty much unconscious of what's a message on their tee shirt. See a guy in an Eddie Bauer tee. "Hi, ever notice the Eddie Bauer rest stop near the Seney Stretch"? "Are you talking to me? Seney Stretch? Eddie Bauer? I drove in from Wisconsin and my name is Bob". A fellow is filling up his orange juice at the breakfast bar, Super 8, wearing an AC DC tee shirt and it's old, shows signs of many washings. "So, for those about to rock, we salute you"! He must have assumed I was talking to myself. His orange juice filled, he walked back to his table. Easy to conclude that tee shirts are useless as clues for conversational gambits. Folks borrow them from their brother. If the shirt fits, wear it. Folks buy them from yards sales or the Goodwill. It's hardly "Yard Sale Underwear" when one buys a few tee shirts washed before sale. A tee shirt might have three owners before it is to threadbare and has to be tossed. And for obvious reason, the chest isn't exactly a billboard. It's personal space. And the surface isn't always flat like a billboard.

Will Juntunen

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