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Grandpa Stan and Grandma Stella Saved Their Pennies and Banked On Savings Bonds and Sailed to the Bahamas When Their Bonds Matured.

Heritage Landing.

June 4 at 8:16am · Muskegon, MI, United States ·

My grandparents on my mom's side saved their money for retirement, and the two enjoyed a bit of the sweetness of life. Stan and Stella believed in savings bonds and stacked them up in the kitchen cupboard above the coffee, bread and poptarts. Jar full of pennies filled up in the cupboard, coins to roll and deposit. Stella probably started to buy bonds during the World War II effort, after the Depression. She probably liked the idea of a bearer instrument on could hide in a mattress that had the backing of the government that won the war and paid back all those war bonds. GM sold them by payroll deduction and one could hide them in a mattress if needed. One time after toasting up a box of pop tarts for my brothers and sisters, she pulled down a stack and told us how the savings bonds worked.

Grandpa Stan had a long retirement from Generous Motors, and as the bonds matured, the two cashed the bonds for face value and gave themselves a trip. One Spring, Stan and Stella visited the travel agent and bought tickets for a cruise out to the Bahamas. The two came back with conch shells and embroidered bags and stories. The two were astounded that children would swim out to greet their cruise ship coming into a Bahamanian port and coax tourists at the ship's rail to toss coins in the water. Grandpa Stan was always good for change, as we learned when he took us to a five and dime for penny candy. Grandma Stella let him throw nickels, about a dollar's worth. If Stan had lived today, his grandchildren would have watched him win big pots on Poker Stars. He was that good.

He was that good. So he had a little loose change to toss for nickel divers to recover near the wharves of Nassau. I thought about them tonight as I visited the cruise ship landing built at Heritage Landing, soon to host about a cruise ship a week through the summer. I don't think we'll have any diving children working for quarters thrown over the rail. The passengers tonight would have witnessed a lively scene, families fishing or taking selfies as the sun drop became more and more colorful. Guessing they'll bring down trollies from the Muskegon Trolley Company to ferry those who step off to the breweries or maybe Smash, the wine bar. It reminds me of the lucky month I passed in Key West in 2000. Cruise ships hit the port daily and I seemed like a likely bloke to buy a drink at Sloppy Joe's

June 4 at 10:24 AM

Drive Western Avenue, looking for new items to note. I have yet to note the absence of the four bird sculptures that were placed around town. Called the Avian Avatars, the Avatars returned to where Avatars return. We had a year lease on the birds. Thus in a few seconds I won't see the Avian Avatar that had guarded the market. I am about to walk there and mentally I am preparing for this "absence at the heart of being". On the Holiday Inn, a surface of white that could take paint has scaffolding around it. Could this be a sign that the Wall Dogs are about to paint their third mural in Muskegon? The panel is the right size. Splash Pad is sending up jets of cool clean water, and a few children frolic as parents look onward. I think I saw a plumbing truck driving away, maybe meaning a fix was made.

Picture Credit: Prince George Wharf in Nassau Harbour

TampAGS, for AGS Media - Own work

A panoramic view of Prince George Wharf, the facility serving passenger cruise ships in Nassau Harbour, off the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. Seen docked along the wharf, left to right, are the MS Carnival Fascination, MS Disney Wonder, MSCarnival Sensation, and Royal Caribbean International's MS Majesty Of The Seas.

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