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Walking the Muskegon Farmers Market at the End of May, Wilbo Finds Friends, New Artists and New Politicians Running for Office.

May 28 · 

Muskegon politics has taken a quantum leap, in campaign activity in the least. Poulin has a campaign plan, finding the best parking spot to place his truck. It's right by the kitchen and the office. I am so glad to see good use of graphics in the sheriff's race because I remember an unfortunate billboard in Muskegon Heights a few election cycles ago. The candidate wore his police hat, and this made for an off-putting image, making an experienced man of the law show like a rookie. The candidate did not achieve office.

Better for Poulin, peace officers on their day off are out walking the market with their wives and kids, wearing Poulin tee shirts in blue. There's a fact of life in Muskegon County. If one sees a person pictured in an advertisement, get ready to meet that person without further effort. So I saw a man in his Poulin tee and asked, "Are you pulling for Poulin"? "I am pulling for Poulin", he answered. Wife and children walked on as he handled my questions. I asked, "Are you Poulin"? Nope, he served on the fire department, a good crew, from the singing fireman to the local reporter for BoatNerd.Com to the recruits.

Poulin lives in the county, retired from the force and has good relationships with all the first responders. I had to ask the bomb of the question. While I am in a sweep the house mood, I've met Dean Roessler, the current sheriff, a few times. In social settings, Robert Scott, I heard the wheels turning. I liked him. I liked his support of the United Way, which tries to handle issues in the community before issues become problems in the street. So I have to check and see if Roessler has filed. Fact is, I'm glad to hear Poulin is local. Muskegon County is such a different land from Ottawa and I'll bank on local lore.

It's a windy day at the market and the woman selling handmade jewelry under the Esse Brand has had to set up her boards after blow downs. She so reminds me of the woman from Barbara who handmade the most extraordinary jewelry with a hammer and a jeweler saw.

My friend the philosopher walked up with another inch on his grey beard, today sporting a red white and blue tie and an a French beret. I said, "Thank you, Mike, for your service in the battle against nonsense. How can our military aim a rifle if America cannot aim an argument"? "Well, it's a secret service that functions purely on intrinsic rewards, such as the revelation of truth. But thanks for the Aldea coffee anyway". It's all he drinks at home too, buys it by the fresh roasted bag. s

Muskegon has a few evenings of buskers scheduled for the summer and Mike has a friend who pulled him into a folk group called Westwood. The band rehearses on Westwood Street in Muskegon. While I'm happy to see a few evenings happen at all, I counted twenty sponsors, my favorite Webb Chemical. "Mike, any incentive for the bands"? "Yes, we can collect tips". Mike does well at this and he can eat for a day off a dollar, his philosophy practiced in his kitchen garden too. "So sponsor money went for media buys". "Give me a crowd and I'll call it good". I should leave it at this because I probably know the pretty cool cat who pitched this idea and we work well together. Walk The Beat in Grand Haven is busker based, but huge prizes hang on popular votes. Plus, it's a seasoned organization with an obsessive builder behind it. His sister and he gig together. He gets his banker, Chemical Bank, to put up Ten Grand.

Talked with the jewelry maker, suggesting she stay as long as foot traffic lasts. The market is way up today, Laughing Tree sold fresh out of bread. I knew this chain mail maker named Jeff who stayed all day last May, working on a commission and making extra sales. Lori Ann Gomez, market manager, seems to know how to make hay when sun is shining. The jeweler was really impressed, "One customer said she and husband arrived by ferry". "Yep, two boats a day and then get ready for the cruise ships because these two Bobs, Bob Lukens and Bob Scolnik, are building a dock right now". Maybe I should tell her about this coffeehouse called the Coffee Factory where Sarah Sass and Angie VanderKooi throw really great shopping events.
 — at Muskegon Farmers Market.

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