Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wilbo Attempts to Have a Rich and Various Summer, Even if He Has to Watch Wildlife, Urban Wildlife at That, From the Rear View Mirror.

Jun 02, 2016 12:40 PM

Michigan-45 is Lake Michigan Drive because Grand Rapidians can drive all the way from town to the Lakeshore without a turn. Farmers Markets and Nurseries line the route, and fields raise everything from pine trees to blueberries. A & L Farmers Market flies the flags of Mexico and America. Serving a great Mexican buffet and breakfast all day, the place is joyful with sunlight from big windows and mariachi music. Where else can one buy fresh asparagus and fresh tamales to go in West Michigan?

Jun 02, 2016 5:42 PM

How can I prove that I am fairly passionate about supporting live theater? This next statement is hardly intended to be a cheap shot. It's still two weeks until Holland Summer Repertoire opens for the season. However, Holland Civic Theater opens Lies that Bind tonight. I'm hanging in town to see it. Out of the producers of theater in Holland, two of the houses are privileged, the Repertoire and the college. The houses are deserving, working in the context of endowments and sponsorships. Holland Civic seems to be tucked into a small theater near Centennial Park, allowed to grind season after season out. We're talking decades. Only the hard working people at Red Barn Theater in Saugatuck have a tougher row to plow. The best grapes grow in rocky soil and I'm proud to sweat as I wait for the catharsis freight train to mow me down.

That said, HCT is going to the footlights with a premier that won awards in 2009 and languished on the shelf until now, a work but by a local playwright and Allegan United Way lead. I will hit the Rep, Stratford and the Shaw later this season, hopefully.

June Again

Twenty-one pilots concert loads tonight with plenty of twenty somethings filling Van Andel arena. Nearby on Ottawa, Wheelhouse Restaurant has opened doors. Makes me think of the Wheelhouse Lectures on Leadership. Festival of the Arts has closed many downtown streets, including the one that leads to Founder's. Mile 3408. But wait! That's really the Local First Street Party near Founder's, meaning downtown Grand Rapids had more acts than a three ring circus tonight.

Norton Shores makes an ambulance run to that last remaining old style motel on Seaway, usually a residence for the working poor although now closed most winters. Pub Pedal still brings pedaling patrons toward downtown stops, many bedecked in the official tee-shirt purchased off of Etsy. The pedal still remains without an official sponsor although it benefits a medical charity. It has no official status and yet, the money it raises is green as green.

Jun 06, 2016 10:27 AM

Family of Canadian Geese risked death to cross Patterson south of 28th A Street, crossing from a cemetery to an open field. The young have begun to have the black and white feathers of the breed and yet, the four immatures have a slighty smaller size than mom and dad. The parents won't fly until their foursome are fledged. I saw the family hesitate halfway across, and then traffic relented and I confirmed a safe crossing in my rear view mirror. Why did the Canadian Geese cross the road? We'll never know but it must have been important. I've seen as many as nine immatures in a family this year, so one must speculate if four or five had met sad fates. Mile 3722

Photography Credit
Geese and goslings in an English canal, showing formation
David Hawgood

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