Monday, August 15, 2016

Exploring Art in Downtown Flint, Wilbo Crashes at a Flint Bungalow Rather than Drive Drowsily Home.

I was attending the Michigan Invitational Art Opening at the Greater Flint Arts Council, and I knew I would be too tired to drive after the event. I found Oneheart's listing on AirB&B, and he responded almost immediately and agreed to open up his home of short notice. Yes, One is his first name. One Heart is his philosophy and faith. His kindness allowed me time to explore the Second Friday ArtWalk along Saginaw Street, including the live performances upstairs at Buckham Gallery and the exhibit of African American art at the Mott-Warsh Collection. One had recently purchased the modest bungalow on a pleasant tree lined street. Most of the trees I identified as mature locust trees. In the morning, I saw a slender bird foraging on a lawn, a bird I had never seen before and couldn't identify. I remember a red streak on its gray head. That morning, One was busily painting his door red in the morning. He had recently purchased his home near Mott Park and the Flint River, a bungalow that offered wood floors, a full back yard and an extensive wooden deck, a great example of modestly priced Flint real estate. The water from his taps seemed okay to me.

I was looking up real estate equivalents on his street, and he probably got an incredible deal. I slept soundly in his quiet place, and enjoyed talking with him in the morning. Location has access to Hurley Hospital and is a mere five minutes drive from the cultural amenities of downtown Flint.

Kehinde Wiley
Passing/Posing (St. Zeno), 2004,
Oil on canvas. Passing/Posing (St. Zeno)
© Kehinde Wiley

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