Thursday, September 29, 2016

At a Brothers Picker Concert in Downtown Muskegon, Michigan, A Young Man Helps and Older Man Park His Bicycle.

Maybe this is typical behavior for members of the Brothers Picker family?

Enjoying a few songs played by the Brothers Picker at Unruly Brewing. Thinking that the evening peaked an hour before I showed up. A fellow in the biergarten outside saw me roll up on my bike and insisted on helping me park my bike. "I'm as drunk as drunk can be, but I know how to do things". He positioned my Schwinn Admiral in the bike rack as I ran the lock cable around rack and frame. "Arthriti
s is a pain. You probably noticed my bad knees". "Word, I got bad knees too and I'm just twenty-seven". I connected the word lock. It opens when the dials spin a four letter word. "Scramble that good," my new friend with the bad knees coached. "I scrambled it good". "You good?" "Yep," I answered. "Have a good night", and he joined his friends at a biergarten table.

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