Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wilbo Explores the Riparian Corridor of the Big Sable River, Preserved by the Work of Jack Shereda.

Sign posted on the Darr Road bridge over the Big Sable River honors a man of Free Soil, Jack Shereda, who lived from 1931 to 2010, attaining the age of 79. The wooden sign bolted to a wooden post has a simple message. I have copied the message here.

Jack was born in Free Soil and lived here most of his life. He was a true sportsman and cared deeply about the environment, wildlife and its habitat. He was a founding member of the Big Sable Watershed Restoration Committee. He was dedicated to the preservation of the Big Sable River as a fishing and recreation waterway.

Simple testimonials are the best testimonials. The river itself makes a testimony to this Naturalist. The bridge embankments are well rip-rapped with boulders and the river flows clean and cold and strong under the bridge. The riparian corridor has trees, grasses and shrubs still green and vital, early Fall before October's reckoning. The air is filled with the songs of fish food, crickets and noisy insects a tumble or a strong wind from becoming swimming bait for hungry trout. Jack did a good job on this sand bottom river with clear water. Now I must check under the bridge for signs of trolls.

Although too big for gulping by steelhead or brownies, these boulders have roundness and edges enough to twist my ankle and tumble me into the flow.

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