Saturday, June 30, 2012

From char grilled steaks to gun powder firecrackers in less than five years, the Ponderosa becomes a temporary store. Muskegon MI


I guess I have to tip my hat to the landlord, who keeps the property up to code, we hope, and grabs seasonal opportunities. For two weeks, it does a wildcat business as a fireworks store. I haven't seen one at this location yet, but it's perfect for September and October as a Halloween store. Must keep the rent and taxes paid by any legal means necessary. Christmas and Easter must be well served by the malls and big box stores.

I have heard that this location has attracted the eye of the former owner of the Old World Cafe, who has talked about opening a brew pub. I guess if I have heard that, it is common knowledge. Some Place Else has closed on Apple Avenue and Mr. B's has moved its breakfast business to that stretch, leaving North Muskegon, a location where the wait staff worked without wages for a day. That feat made national news, but the aftermath of the restaurant's moving didn't make any recorded journal. I am sure a few waitresses decided to not follow the business.

A brew pub on this corner would be the nicest destination restaurant until one gets to Saginaw. I have driven the entire route.

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