Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phantom Fireworks has four locations in Muskegon, MI, a retail concern in business for almost three decades.


I went over to talk to the Phantom fireworks people, and the couple running the location at Apple and US-31 have University of Michigan lawn chairs, although today they have no use of them. The two understand their retail niche well, knowing the sales must go out the door, the tent door, by the end of next weekend. A pile of boxes from restocking have yet to be broken down. A container nearby also called a reefer, keeps backup stock ready, dry and secure. The man had years of knowledge, explaining how the new Snyder firecracker law rolled back a twenty-six year ban. He can tell you the number of milligrams of powder in a M-80, a little stick of dynamite, still banned. Most stores are selling M-1000s instead. It seems that everyone of these tented emporiums have implemented some discounting deal. He pointed out all of the half-priced firecrackers. He was affable and informative to me after he concluded I was a typical customer.

He is well aware that pet owners are angry that dogs and cats have been on Veterinarian prescribed regimes of tranquilizers. He and his wife light off their fireworks at a cabin north of the city, and the family dog is left at home. The upcoming challenge to the Snyder firecracker law will probably be a backlash from those dog and cat owners.

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