Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Of course parking is free. You're in Muskego. Musings on the Lakeshore! Sherman! bus route.

I haven't the manners nor the self control to ride a city bus for more than three transfers. I was recruited to read a part in her script, which looked simple on the page. It does matter little how progress goes forward as long as it does. I heard not back from SS but that just means a thought process and a withhold. To be really patient with the process. To be really impatient with the process. Is Fiddler on the Roof sold out, a free ticket sell out? The words sold out should be banned even in the case of free tickets. What is the latest one can stay downtown and still catch the three buses home? Embrace Muskegon even has a grafitti mural on the back of the church. Did she pass through the EWP process? Got to admire the extraordinary panorama visible from top that cliff, and Lakeshore! Sherman! Affords that. The fishdock and the fish wife and torrensens. All that is needed is an experience of true rigor. She's doing a Christmas cross-stitch. She wears a red, white and blue cap knit with acrylic fiber yarn. Nothing gets me going like acrylic fiber yarn. Bus is at eight people and four boarded at Lincoln and Sherman? Tuesday, the bus driver pointed out a deer nibbling grass under oaks of our border dune forest. A few pines. It is posted by the sand company. I looked again, Wednesday.
Muskego is a town in Wisconsin. The town name derivesfrom the Potawatomi language, a word that means Sunfish.
Sunfish picture drawn by Duane Raver as an employee of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
Embrace Muskegon. Embrace Muskego

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