Monday, November 19, 2012

@SylviaYacoub has lit up 2 corners of Muskegon @PureMichigan. Next week, this girl is fire & will light all 4 @CIMTweet. Text 1 to 8642.


The Holiday Inn has thrown a watch party for Sylvia Yacoub on The Voice. So has the Muskegon Chronicle hub of MLive. Add the Frauenthal Theatre lobby and the Subway and maybe the Chamber of Commerce, and we'll have all four. This is Muskegon, and we can do anything, and Sylvia once sang in a Singing Christmas Tree with the Mona Shores choir. This is where we'll start her victory parade. Why not go big and keep the Culinary Institute of Michigan open for a watch party and put a Gospel Choir on the Olthoff Stage?

Thanks to the Holiday Inn for the lovely banquet of edibles. Thanks to MLive for bringing the Hub to life tonight. Remember to text 1 to 8642 after the show closes.

I have heard that the Richard Hunt sculpture will have a spotlight next week I'm her honour.

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