Monday, November 26, 2012

Scott Slagter, a brand evangelist with @Deksia, reaches out to Captain Art Walk, and the Captain puts himself at his service. #ILiveToServe, #ArtWalkArtTalk


On 11/23/12 12:59 PM, Scott Slagter wrote:
I see your involved with media broadcasting and I'm interested in hearing more about yourself and what it is that you do. Is there a time we can grab some coffee and have a conversation?
Scott Slagter
Dear Scott,
Scott, I am glad you have reached out to the Captain. The Captain is an example of the Facebook Effect in action. It is intended to identify and connect regional and state art resources plus examine art within walking distance. I visited Mia & Grace on Saturday, and as I browsed about the paintings, I found other patrons empowered to examine them. A waiter was occupied with handing out Eunice Marisol's artist card after I took a few pictures of her work. So there's an effect from talking about art and even looking at it.

As I move forward, I am finding how deeply men and women treasure the arts, and many poignant stories have found their way into my Art Walk files. I will be releasing them as I see a way to make them work.

The Captain is intended to be a literary character, as well as a dramatic character to be performed. For fun, he technically doesn't exist. Yes, the Captain's author is hitting the keys on this keyboard. I am quite willing to take questions and help you make connections, and these are usually published on my blog as open letters. I do give blog credit to people who correctly tag the Captain's author in public while I am out making the rounds for the sailor, who is approaching 100 years of age.

As I wish all good men and women who love the arts, "See you at the fresh oils!"

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