Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every few weeks, I pass a few morning minutes having coffee in the Holy City, Charleston South Carolina, thanks to Robert Maniscalco's Pointe of Art email. You can too.


Every few weeks, Rob Maniscalco mails me his email newsletter, which talks about his life as an actor, an art activist, a teacher of art, a media personality, a portrait painter, a filmmaker, a father and a husband. If you ever want to take up painting, Rob might be the teacher to get you rolling. Although, as I have witnessed first hand, it will totally alter the course of your life. As for reading Rob, I usually find myself wanting to write a long novel after engaging one of his newsletters.
I learned about Rob the best way, and that was from a friend who collected art and who bought sculpture and paintings from him. She insisted many times as we talked at work that I attend one of his openings. Rob had a lovely gallery on Mack Avenue, inside Detroit and across from Grosse Pointe, with many chambers and even a garden in the back. His openings for his shows drew scores of fascinating people from all walks of life, sometimes the lead actress from the Grosse Pointe Players play or the painter who brought in his "Jack-The-Dripper" paintings still wet. One of my favorite of all his shows, "Lighthouse, Puppies and Boats" introduced me to another one of my favorite artists, Renata Palubinskas. I recommend that you sign up for his email too, and visit his gallery in Charleston at the earliest opportunity.
You'll see his recent work as a portrait painter as well as his series of paintings inspired by his life around the tidal estuary of the Ashley River, across from the Citadel. This painting has gone home with one of his collectors, but is still available as a print.
My Backyard in Winter
oil on canvas
24" x 12"
Here's my latest painting (the original was recently purchased by Catherine Ardray) of the amazing marsh right in my own backyard.  This painting was created in the crisp Winter light of the marsh right behind my studio on a lovely, mild, wonderful day of painting with my cousin, in from Australia, Maria Maniscalco. I love the marsh in winter, like a field of wild wheat, teaming with life. We've explored every inch of this scene in our kayaks. To give myself to this beauty is my spiritual practice.
There's no place like home!  As with all images of mine, they are available as reasonably priced artist proof giclees (stretched canvas, permanent inks, customized to the size you desire).  If you want to receive special offers on a Maniscalco painting that interests you, look for offers in the coming months. 

$1,200 (framed)

Canvas Giclee, stretched, 12" x 24" unframed: $125


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