Friday, November 30, 2012

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts runs Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly. Nice, but Kelly doesn't need a regional show. Why not take a gamble on a local talent?


Okay, it's going to be a beautiful show, and I am glad there's outreach between SCA and GRAM. I am glad Mr. Friis-Hansen has personally made the arrangements. However, I have come to expect "great regionalism" from SCA. It's where I saw Rebecca Green for the first time. Please understand. It's not just SCA that falls into curation of proven names with proven careers. It's what happens when Poets.Org or Garrison Keillor choses a famous poet from a previous century. One mention by either can make a poet's career and lead to invitations to speak, teach and read. There's just not that many opportunities for regional painters or emergent poets. Like I said. It will be a beautiful show. It's just that one less painter or sculpture has the SCA seal of approval on their vita. What's up with Saugatuck lately. I love Saugatuck. Really, I love Saugatuck. However, Canadians hauled the Keewatin back to Georgian Bay. Spunky South Haven down the way caught the prestigous Waterfront Film Festival. Now, will they have a steady diet of shows from the marvelous, spectacular and enormously important GRAM? What's the next blow? Moving Ox-Bow up to the dunes north of Lake Muskegon?
Drawn from Nature:   The Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly

December 8, 4 - 6 pm
Free admission

December 8 thru February 28, 2013

The work of one of the most notable living American abstractionists comes to the SCA.

Drawn From Nature features plant lithographs spanning four decades of Ellsworth Kelly's remarkable career. Kelly has built an international reputation around painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

This suite of prints comes from the Grand Rapid's Art Museum's permanent collection and is particularly intriguing because it demonstrates Kelly's longstanding fascination with organic form.

Ten oversized works are featured in the Bertha Krueger Reid Exhibition Hall, along with the critically acclaimed Kelly documentary, "Fragments" which plays continuously in the gallery.
Guests can also explore the gallery during January's Intriguing featuring GRAM Director and CEO Dana Friis-Hansen, Thursday, January 24, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Friis-Hansen will lead a gallery tour of the exhibition and share highlights of Kelly's storied career.

Exhibition Sponsors:
Claudia + John Berry, Penny + Jamie Ladd,
LaFontsee Galleries

Intriguing Conversations Sponsor:
Hungry Village Tours & Bill Underdown/Shoreline Realtors

©Ellsworth Kelly. Grapefruit (Pamplemousse), Lithograph on Rives BFK paper, 35 3/8 x 24 1/4 inches, 1964 - 65.
Edition 13/75 EK AX.34. Grand Rapids Art Museum, Purchase, James Pingree and Mary G. Nelson, 2004.25

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