Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sixth in the daylight

It is as close to full sun today as we can expect. Clouds are turning grey and expanding to close off the rays reaching our snow cover. I am losing access to glimpses of the blue sky above. We are heading up Sixth, and the Tatra Hall has ten cars parked around its brick building. The Sixth Street has the distinction of passing by two Catholic Churches. I see a house painted yellow with green trim. Man next to me is laughing into his cell phone's receiver. Bud & Ray Transmission Service stands at Sixth & Laketon. Woman has a full Walmart bag on the seat beside her, taking up the aisle seat. She deboards at Sixth & Southern, with a friend. Four people off in the neighbour hood and four on at the bend on Sixth. There's an XFinity Home at Houston and Sixth, according to the sign. Wonder if that's Internet and Security System. Man is rapping behind me and it is pretty good. We are backed up behind a bus, and it is probably the Lakeshore Henry. Until it stopped to drop off at Hackley Library. We arrive at the terminal at 1:44 PM and all deboard.

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