Monday, February 4, 2013

Erika Napoletano is Redhead Writing, announces her new web page. And proves she could have a modeling career, any day.


Sometime between 8AM and 10AM yesterday morning, I danced around in my
office and started to cry. The soundtrack was Pink’s “Raise Your
Glass”. The tears were quite unexpected. But there I was, loping
around my office with delicate tears slowly trickling down from the
inside corners of my eyes.

And I was happy. I was less than 24 hours from becoming ME. And this
morning, I’m even happier to announce:

It’s alive.


The rebranding project that’s not just four months in the making since
I commenced with the most brilliant team in the world — it’s been 40
years in the making. For the first time, I’m able to look at my
brand’s online presence and say, “How YOU doin’?”

So I’m writing today to share a few things. Most of all, however, I’m
sharing thanks. And I do promise there’s a hedgehog coming as well
(and some of you have already found it — bravo!).

The Team

None of this would have happened without the talents of three people
in particular:

First, Blair Culbreth — Potentially one of the most brilliant web and
UI designers I’ve ever met. From my words, she crafted the evolution
of a blog into the business that was my best kept secret. If you’re a
creative type like me, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it’s an
exceptional moment when you find a creative soulmate. While it sounds
creepy, it was a huge relief to be able to speak with Blair and watch
as she magically evolved my thoughts into a brand. Is she talented? On
more levels than I can express.

Secondly, Jeremy Fields — I’ve known Jeremy for well over three years
now. Though we’ve shared countless weekends including mountain bikes
and skis along with Mrs. Fields (NOT of cookie fame), I never knew
he’d be the guy who got my rebranding rolling. He introduced me to
Blair (they work together during daylight hours) when I was lamenting
one weekend in Moab about finding a designer I could trust, and then
coded a masterpiece of a site from her designs. I’m madly (and most
platonically) in love with my friend Jenn’s husband for helping
deliver my heart onto the digital page.

Finally, Erin Weed — If you’ve watch my TEDxBoulder talk, you know I
love my Frontstabbers. Erin’s mine. Not only did she help me speak my
truth for that TEDx talk, she’s empowered me to carry that through
into what you see. There have been a fair share of swear-fests along
the way, but her utter lack of bullshit came together with my disdain
for bullshit and created the story you see today — and it will only
get better.

And now, let’s get to what’s been, what is, and what’s next.

What’s Been and What Is

I’ve always been a writer. In 2007, I became a blogger. In 2009, I
launched my company – RHW Media. In 2011, I became a columnist. In
2012, I saw my first two books published.

What most people saw all this time was RedheadWriting — a blog. What
I’d evolved into, and gladly, was a speaker, branding strategist, and
author with one of the most kickass online communities evah.

And it was time to become ME — the founder of a company that works on
kickass projects with kickass companies. The woman who loves standing
on a stage and making audiences laugh, learn, cry, go silent, and
think of how their lives and businesses can be the places they’ve
always imagined.

The new brand encapsulates everything I am, do, and love — getting
people UNstuck and from where they are to FUCK YEAH. Life’s too short
to live without a heavy dose of FUCK YEAH. The great news for me — and
you — is everything that’s next.

What’s Next

When I work with startups getting ready to launch, I could sit in a
room with them for hours and never hear the same lament twice. It
always starts with, “What if…?”

The answer is (always, and without fail), “You mean ‘when’ _____
happens?” Because it will.

When launching anything, you have two choices: freak the fuck out or
launch the fucker. I took my own best advice and at 12:01AM (maybe
before), I launched the fucker. So we’re still working through a bug
here and there, but the fucker is launched and by and large I am
happier than an NRA member in a deer blind. Because now I get to
target what’s next.

Bugs/Typos: They happen when you “launch the fucker”. So, if you see
something, will you drop me a line on my contact form? Muchas gracias!

Getting “Home”: There’s no reason anyone would ever need to get back
to the home page on the new site — and that’s by design. But if you
really need to get “home” for some reason — the hedgehog will take

The Mobile Site: Jesus — I knew my audience was tech-savvy but y’all
were pretty merciless on Facebook last night about this! When I
announced the launch, there were multiple cries for a
responsive/mobile site. Well, it’s coming! It will be live by week’s
end and address the specific needs of those who view the site via a
mobile device. This will ensure that each of you who read me on the
bus, bathroom stall (please don’t tell me you read me at the urinal),
subway, train, or park bench will be able to do so — and easily — on
your device of choice. HOLD PLEASE.

The HOW (a case study): I’m turning my rebranding project into a case
study. It covers my brand from inception (all the way back to 2006)
until today, including my successes and failures each step of the way.
If I’ve already made mistakes, there’s no reason you have to make the
same ones. Yes, it will be a paid product (and an incredible value),
but it’s worth it. This launches March 15.

The GSD Mastermind: It’s coming. And it’s badass.

Online Courses: Y’all have asked for them (and forever). I’ll be
rolling these out beginning in March, with a new offering at least
every quarter.

The RedheadWriting Blog: This isn’t going anywhere. Actually, that’s a
complete lie — it’s going someplace pretty damned exciting. You’re
about to see way more about my business alongside a healthy, open,
honest, and raw dose of ME. The beauty of what I get to do when I wake
up each day is artfully intertwine “the work” with ME. That’s a damn
exciting place to live, grow, and thrive.

And Finally, A Hedgehog

On the header of the site’s internal pages, you might find something
lingering around my ankles if you mouse over them. It’s also the Home
link. We built the site so you’d never really have to go back to the
home page (smart nav systems alleviate the need for that), but if
that’s where you want to go, you can get there.

This is for you.

As without you, dear readers, I can’t breathe. I could never become
the next and better version of myself.

Thank you for being here, for reading, and joining me for what IS and
more importantly, what’s next. You’re fucking awesome.

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