Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Water is hospitality", insisted Wandering Wilbo.

Wilbo hates being put into a dilemma. He ordered a delicious breakfast sandwich at a favourite short order counter. He asked for water. He was told, "We don't do that anymore", and was offered a bottle of water at a reasonable price of twenty-nine cents. "Water is hospitality", Wilbo said and asked for a manager. The manager gave him a glass of ice water and explained many restaurants were charging for water. "Water is hospitality", Wilbo answered.

Poor Wilbo feels like a mean dorkazoo for having to make a protest over twenty-nine cents. On another hand, the bottle water industry has been trying for years to curtail the custom of water for the asking when dining out.

Wilbo is going to walk today into the Holiday Inn, downtown Muskegon, and drink copious glasses of cucumber water from the urn station in the lobby.

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