Monday, June 17, 2013

Max -n - Marley's Dog House has survived several season's in Muskegon's Lakeside. @PureMichigan

Max-n-Marley's Dog House never goes dark in the winter and that's appreciated. Even on a cold winter's day, the interior is well lit thanks to continuous windows on all three sides. No soup is available in summer; that sells better during the winters when chili is available too. The windows give a great view of the neighbourhood. The pocket park mural is colourful and inviting. Marine Tap Room is sporting an outdoor deck, helping keep that institution from the fate of West Side Inn. Level 6 has opened with a handsome facade of brick and a stacked limestone portal after renovations, maybe kicked off when a tagger sprayed the Muskegon Lady image on its old, boring, closed business exterior. The Harbor Neon sign has been removed from the theatre's marquee, and the side sign declares, "Welcome to Lakeside". Cafe USA has its lighted sign still and a dumpster from Uganski has debris removed from its interior. That building has been on the verge for years. A former bartender moved to Naughty's and has married and started a family of two children since its closure. I'm glad this Dog House has made a go of it. There's been five upgrades since I began frequenting Lakeside, including the opening of Booked for the Season to sell gently used books.
Lakeside Emporium jumped into a service station, and purveys enough candy to afford television ads. So Lakeside slowly upsurges. I am glad to be here and yet miss the Harbor Theater the way I miss an erstwhile good and giving girlfriend.

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