Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Getty! Wood! bus driver saves the day for these Taste of Muskegon visitors.

One must appreciate the bus driver's willingness to listen because Saturday it made a difference. When the Getty Wood arrives to the Herman Ivory terminal at 5:30 PM Saturday night, it's the end of the line. The Getty! Wood! Bus driver even locks up the terminal for the night Two mothers who are good friends had taken their children downtown on the bus to enjoy the Taste of Muskegon. One was a newborn wriggling happily in his baby carriage. I mean this baby was trying to fly by wiggling his arms and legs and he was on his back carefully strapped for safety on the bus ride ahead.

With this party, two older children had been awaiting for a bus home from downtown. The chalk drawing had gone well, filling many of the designated squares marked out on Third Street. When the Getty! Wood! Had turned onto Webster to avoid the cordoned off drawing space, I saw parents walking the pavement to snap images of the completed drawings. So who really wanted to go home on the 4:50 PM bus, and how many people really knew that bus service wraps before 6 on Saturdays.

As I pulled my bicycle off the rack I thought of giving one mom a twenty to take the whole party home. Since it was on his route anyways and on the way to the MATS garage anyways, he locked up the terminal and took the families home after the fair.

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