Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wilbo Meets People on the Road, and Every Now and Then, The People Get in Touch and Ask Questions.

Hi LG,
Of course, I am still writing diligently about place, arts & culture. For example, I walked through the Catholic Church across from my office just to see what was new inside the interior, usually new posters advertising religious events. 

We met in November of 2011. I took a moment to look up our correspondence. I was wondering about you again, so I am glad Linked In made it easy for you to reach out and make a connection. My writing has probably grown even more effusive since. I have one blog where I have posted almost five hundred different articles since September. Wish more people were reading because I have it set up with advertising. I have had twenty reads so far, today. The blog does help me pick up free drinks and the occasional concert tickets. Who knows where it will go.

I took my writing to Kalamazoo for the weekend last, and hit the coffeehouses, museums and microbreweries, taking notes and pictures and posting often. I also wrote an interview for a musician named Seth Glier, who is coming to town. Today, at work, I wrote my little fingers off writing computer code.

Last I knew, I imagined my dysfunctional friend living in Dewitt, where I stopped briefly during a street festival. A fellow who had a maple sugaring operation was set up in the tent. It was winter because folks were enjoying a fire ring at the crossroads. He had inherited the sugaring operations from his father, and was the fourth or fifth generation to pursue a life of sap and sugar. I went into the lovely confectionery, and ordered a few cupcakes for the road, and I managed to talk all in rhyming verse. I was in an expansive mood. The young women behind the counter were impossibly young and adorable. 

I have to return to Wesphalia, just to check in on the family at Charlie's. Wilbo

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