Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So far, this looks like the year with no ice fishing on Lake Muskegon. Happy Year of the Dragon. #ClassicWilbo

So far, this looks like the year with no ice fishing on Lake Muskegon. Happy Year of the Dragon.


I have spotted fishermen daring the ice when I drove through the moraines north of Clarkston, MI. I could see them on ice stools fishing augered holes. This observance I made as I sped south on I-75, the hilly oaken scenery pock marked by ponds, small lakes. Our fishers should be snuggled in shanties by now, shanties among shantytowns, reached by sporty trucks over foot thick ice. We shivered through about a week of temperatures in the tens; have to check the weather reports to learn how many days will be melting days.

Chinese New Year is being celebrated today? I will have to Google more to learn about that one. I know it is the year of the Dragon, but I couldn't tell you my sign in the Chinese Zodiac. As Michigan becomes more international, we begin celebrating every ones holidays. 

I once regularly attended a Chinese New Year party out at a Frank Lloyd Wright house standing in a woods, on the shore of a tributary of the Shiawassee River. We even sent contraband fireworks up into the air over the river. I have lost touch with the family, although I could ring them up and wish them Gong Hee Fot Choy. I only know that's an appropriate wish because Jimmy Le of Grand Rapids published that on Facebook, and I think he's a dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, a social dragon. A few days ago, I met a woman who was studying the papers, and she knew her sign, the Dragon, and was sure this year was her big year. As for her European Zodiac, she was born under the sign of Virgo. So now, the cheesy bar question has become, "What's your signs?"

It's a good day to eat at a Chinese restaurant and read the place mat. As for ice fishing, I lunched today in the Latitudes Market, which has a room stuffed with ice fishing equipment that can't be moving. I am sure the sellers of grubs and ice fishing baits are about as happy as the owners of ski resorts. We have about forty more days to make this an ice fishing season. Can we expect any more reprieves from the deep freeze?

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