Tuesday, December 10, 2013

July 22, 2013: Wilbo Remembers Walking By a Building in the Wee Hours of Morning When A Developer Buys It. #ClassicWilbo

Nice to see this gorgeous building, which I just learned housed the Horseshoe Bar, begin the path to restoration and vibrant reuse. I admired it each time I walked by it, going from the Megabus stop by the Amtrak Station to the Rapid Station, enjoying its gravitas under moonlight and sunlight. What a dynamic neighbourhood, being recharged by the Downtown Market, the Anxiety Resource Center's Grand Rapids restoration of a fire station, the Grand Rapids Ballet's Peter Wedge Theatre and, oh yes, Founder's Brewing with upstairs and downstairs Beer Gartens. For a bus station, the Rapid Central is pretty snappy, especially with the Michael Pfleghaar paintings. The Intersection is pretty raw but why change that? Grand Woods has the best steak dinner in town under twenty dollars. Across the street, the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation keeps building up a 250 Million Dollar plus destiny fund at the rate of 10 million a year. One has to wonder why Patricia Warner was the first to take a tour and pretty much spontaneous snap up the property in a nearly gentrified section of Grand Rapids. Not pointing fingers here. I'm framing a question for the writer of Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt. Congratulations Ms. Warner for a cherry pick that came with tons of upside potential and plenty of goodwill.

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