Monday, August 18, 2014

Change Has Come to @HodgePodgeBake House in Less than a Year of Operation

Sign says, "I hate pizza said no one ever". The Podge had pizza in the first weeks of being open. It was a thick pizza, served in squares, made with a crunchy tooth challenging crust. Couldn't be confused with a Chicago deep dish pizza. Better, the squares reminded me of the east side of Detroit, by Lake St. Clair, where Bommarito's and Mr. C's served this style of pizza. It was a good solution to a short lunch hour, served wrapped in tin foil. I began to call it East Detroit pizza.
Change has come to the Hodge Podge. Pizza has fallen off the menu. Pizza didn't sell as well as the bacon encrusted doughnuts or the hoagies served on fresh baked bread, filled with meats and cheeses. Also, one of my favorite staff members has moved with her family, one of the married couple landing a promotion in Seattle or Scranton, a city to be chosen later. Pulling for Seattle here.

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