Monday, August 18, 2014

Kathie Might Have Poured Jameson's at Her Back Stage Lounge for Over Forty Years, Manitowoc Wisconsin.

At Kathie's backstage, Kathie herself poured the Jameson, and she's handled the trade from behind her oak bar for at least forty years, judging by pictures of her with artists & visiting dignitaries. She moved slowly and wasted little motion, doted on her regulars and listened well after asking, "Where are your from?" She raised a cup of tea in a proper china cup to her lips after asking, "What brings you to Manitowoc?" When I answered, "To visit you", she blandished, "Oh, you have kissed the Blarney Stone!" 

Her two regulars, the married couple Kit and Carole, had made a special journey for the kissing of the Blarney Stone.  Kathie's hand shook as she poured from her bottles to fill new snifters for them, and osteoporosis couldn't belie an Irish dancer's posture. She was wearing a tunic a Riverdancer might wear. She breathed with difficulty as she washed her glassware or puttered around her taps & pours. 

I was a little surprised when change came back from my twenty, a five and six ones, and yet I didn't show surprise and tipped well. Kit & Carole married on Thankgiving 2008 after Kit's tenacious courtship of Carole, and Kit spun for us the story as Carole interjected the rest of the story. Turns out Carole took concern after uprooting herself from Arizona, selling a good house, to follow a man home to Manitowoc. Then, the man turned fickle within six months and abandoned her. More, she wondered if a man who had made and lost two marriages could make a third.

Kit reassured him that two marriages were similar to two trips down the Amazon. In other words, after two marriages, he knew where all the snags and sandbars awaited travelers, and now he could avoid them. Carole agreed and Thanksgiving saw them married.

Keep Kathie's in mind. It's the closest pub to the S.S. Badger docks.

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