Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Driving to Detroit, August 23rd, 2014, Wilbo Tries to Capture His Thoughts with the Help of Siri.

I am driving to Detroit and I've hit a red light.
I am just leaving Muskegon and I'm glad I had a red light because I'm experimenting with my cell phone and well that's not safe while rolling.
 I have just passed by Fruitport.
I saw a sign advertising jobs, add a foundry, and thought "well that's what I'll do if I washout of white-collar work".
I am driving about 70 Miles Per Hour, thinking about thinking, on the far side of Grand Rapids, on the side of Grand Rapids where there is an airport.
The billboards are lesser frequent than before and the actual speed of the highway really is around 70 miles an hour, which is good because driving 80 is nuts.
I am passing through Grand Rapids and the billboards tell the stories. President Gerald ford apparently spent some time on an aircraft carrier. There are first dates that last forever and you should get a second wedding ring from Medawar jewelers to celebrate that fact.  Yes, there are billboards advertising really good savings deposit rates, so people are frugal here.
I am passing Cascade Road east, and heading towards well ... 28th Street. 
I was driving, minding my own business and a guy honked the horn at me.  His passenger started to point at his hat, which had a message on it. I could not read it. I immediately became self-conscious. For example, I wondered if I was driving correctly. I was wondering if my car looks shabby. I was wondering if I look like a hick or a sub-human creature. It really put me on my hackles,  and then they sped off and I didn't give them a chance. Because that would be road rage.
Isn't it interesting how it's the chase that changes a man from a man into a road rage beast or a stalker?
The speed limit as we head towards Ionia is eighty miles an hour because that's what everybody is driving. 

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