Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The news on the Lakeshore! Sherman! is all about violence around the town of Muskegon


"Go to the bathroom or I'll kill you!" And she went to the bathroom. And lived. The report on the robbery at the Shell came from the conversation between bus driver and a passenger. The downtown Shell is notorious for getting knocked over. The MATS bus has a panic button that is a silent alarm. One speaker related the story of a fight at a high school, presumably Muskegon High School, with arrests and expulsions and injuries. One speaker worked at a gas station  when she was admittedly "young and dumb" and she faced robbers twice. One time, the getaway car stalled and the woman got license plate, make and model to turn over to the police. "I can almost smell something that don't smell right", said one male passenger.
Two men were sitting in back and I addressed them when I entered the so called living room at the back. I said, "good evening, men". The two just stared ahead, and responded not at all to my greeting. A good twenty minutes, one fellow dressed all in camouflage cold weather gear pulled out a bag of McDonald's hard candy and said, "snack time," and offered the package to the second man, who was sitting three seats away. That man smiled thinly. Both men deboarded at the Homeless Shelter. I called out verbally for the library stop.

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