Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All of Stonehenge Could Fit in This Room, Sandy the Elder Said.

As I set aside half my order of Curry Chicken for later, a diet conscious move, I find myself thinking about my daughter's pilgrimage to Stonehenge. Last night, I visited the new location of the Muskegon Center for the Arts, and a crankable Rube Goldberg sculpture was catching attention from visitors. It had two cranks, and gearing drove the two talking Eastern Island grey heads on the top tier. It was paradoxically called Stonehenge.

Sandy was standing with us, a brilliant man given to speeches, thoughtful and strong. He gestured around the hall and said, "All of Stonehenge could fit in this room". He then bewailed the loss of some stones to builders who appropriated them and cut them up. I've always admired Sandy's erudition, and wondered how his youthfulness was so well preserved into his eight decade. Definitely, he knows some wisdom that might be described as deep earth magic or ancient wisdom. After the passing of my father, I've always have felt more at peace around a man actually older than myself. Sandy is one of these elders. Last night, I texted my daughter, "My father and your grandfather would be agog knowing that you had arrived at Stonehenge.

Will Juntunen

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