Sunday, October 12, 2014

South of Grand Haven, Pick a Lake Michigan Park, any Lake Michigan Park Will Give You Escape.

Ottawa County has at least five parks on the scenic drive to Holland, and it's still warm and sunny on the dune land beaches. Add Camp Blodgett and the State of Michigan access to Pigeon Lake, and one has plenty of choices for a nature hike. Usually, I beeline for Rosy Mound park, just south of Grand Haven. I went one park more, and checked out Kirk Park, named after a failed Boy Scout camp. 

On a dune cliff, a sunny deck with benches shined in the sun, its wood polished by sand, showing a glossiness that one sees in Japanese garden floors and walls. I popped off my shoes, made a pillow of my jacket and enjoyed a snooze in the wild, lullabied by waves on the Lake Michigan beach below. I'll be sitting upright at my desk for nine hours on Monday, and Sunday is a day of rest after all. 

I awoke to the sound of a family speaking French, Mere and Pere taking off the shoes and socks of three children, getting the children ready to run down the sand hill to the beach below. A few sentences flashed into awareness, just loving parent talk, and I was glad of a chance to hear French as I blinked away a dream. Sunday is a day to go out and allow the world to bump into one.

I doffed my socks and shoes and added them to a line of socks and shoes left by people playing on the sand. The sand incline was steep and yet I made my way okay with stiff knees. The wet firm sand at the water was easy for padding around, and I gave sand castles enough clearance. The climb back up the sand hill didn't require too much grit either. It was a half mile back to the car and drove south again, thinking of giving the Sandy Point Beach House a visit.

The Beach House has no beach, although it's a short distance south of Pigeon Lake. The water is visible from the parking lot, trophy homes perched on the waterfront. The ground around is sandy but the point is further up the side road. A man on a guitar played songs in a Key West style, just a little worldly wise for my taste. I enjoyed a glass of white wine, wishing the interior wasn't so dim. Weko Beach has a building filled with sunshine even late in the season, owned by the Bridgman Lions. This beach house has enough windows and wouldn't look out of place on the Outer Banks near Cape Hatteras. The decks have give up the outdoor table furniture. The thick beam and plank construction could withstand a hurricane. I'm thinking skylights could open up this interior to light.

The office can wait until darkness falls. I'll pay for having a life as I go.

Will Juntunen

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