Monday, November 17, 2014

Wilbo Calculates How Many Days He Has Remaining in the Muskegon Snow Globe.

In Muskegon, we have quite a bit of snow fall, often well over one hundred inches in a season. Usually, the snow doesn't fly until December and the warmth of March mops up the white annoyance before Saint Patrick's Day. 2014 challenged the norms with snow cover from November until April. A smart, maybe too smart friend, suggested 2015 will match 2014 as, and I quote, "The Jet Stream isn't strong enough to keep the polar vortexes contained north of us". I bought him a fine pint of Pigeon Hill beer just to keep him from saying more. It worked. Looking at weather history, Muskegon has fifty three days when at least a tenth of an inch falls. All those snowy days pile up around ninety-four inches of snow.

By my count, we've used up four of those snowy days so far and ten inches of snow have already arrived. So forty-nine days remain when commuting to work might be an adventure. Eighty-four inches of snow are queued up to fall. We're making progress. Eventually, our days in the Muskegon snow globe will come to an end. Now to warm myself with my own labors by shoveling the walk.

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