Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wilbo Paid a Visit to a Meadery Near Traverse City @PureMichigan Built for a Thousand Years.

The tap room and meadery at St. Ambrose Cellars are newly dedicated, opened to the public July of 2014. In Beowulf, Hrothgar and his Ring Danes passed their free time lifting steins of mead in their hall, when not battling dragons and giants, as the bird of life flew from end to end over their heads. No question that Hrothgar and his entourage would find the hall of St. Ambrose an excellent place to gather and reward valor in battle. Grendel probably could be tamed and rehabilitated with a growler of the Royal Reserve mead. As befitting a medieval hall on an American farm, the woodworking in oak and additional hardwoods evinces an intention to sustain business for a millennium.

It's also a winery; the house buys grapes from growers all over Michigan. The grape crop suffered from a late spring. However, thankfully after hive losses during the winter of 2014, the year was good for honey. A hive complex housing five thousand bees hibernates on the far side of a row of wind-blocking pines. The bees are kept in hives around the four county Traverse City region, with a bee farm in Florida raising Tupelo trees, the nectar of the flowers adding charm to a Tupelo Ambrosia Mead. A beekeeper and his wife were happy to talk about the operation with guests while enjoying a Sunday Funday glass of the sweet fruit of their labors.

The location might be taken from a Roman idyll, amongst fields and pine forests south of the Platte River. Even in cold November, locals were putting in Kayaks into the frigid waters running high. Almost to that Platte River town of Honor, St Ambrose is off the beaten paths of Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula. However, on the uncrowded, unhurried occasion of November Sunday, it's a pleasant place to drop out on the way to Manistee.

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