Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Show, "Millennium Approaches" Took a Snow Day; Oceana Winery of Stony Lake @PureMichigan Made It To Unruly with Cases of Wine.

It's a tough night when Muskegon County Community College cancels opening night of arguably the biggest, most ambitious show ever to be fielded on the Overbrook Stage. Snow and cold cancelled tonight's three and a half hour presentation of Angels in America, Millennium Approaches. Perhaps staging a play of that length shows audacity. There's two intermissions and community college performers are great but hardly seasoned thespians. This is akin to running a marathon. More, the play has a reputation for rich, nuanced characterization. The graduate actors at Wayne State's Hillberry Theater would have to rise to the script for Angels in America. I'm betting, after seeing this cast leader's succeed with Moliere's Tartuffe, Angels will be a fresh, fragile experience, a successful play that succeeds through the magic of stars aligning. Alas, this is not my entertainment tonight. However, Oceana Winery has made it through from Stony Lake with two cases of Michigan Melody Riesling, so my glass would be full if I weren't drinking a cup from Drip Drop Drink.

Will Juntunen

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