Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wilbo Plans to Go to Muskegon's @PureMichigan Late May Pub Pedal

Well there you go. You have early notice of the growing event, the Lake Muskegon pub pedal. Almost four hundred people have confirmed attending. There's an official tee shirt being sold somewhere, but I don't know where yet. It's the way this "bicycle love parade" becomes a fundraiser, proceeds of shirts. Everything is rather unofficial. Deniability is plausible. All these bicyclists just show up at the Canary Inn, Hennessy's, Boars Belly, Tipsy Toad, Recreation Club, Veteran's Club, Lakeside Tavern, Marine Tap Room, Dockers and this year, The Dock. The bars might run specials, and yet specials are run by the house without the house sponsoring the pub pedal. The Pub Pedal is Muskegon's only Flash Mob, and this is the earliest I've seen Facebook events for it.

Will Juntunen

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