Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wilbo Learned Much About Wandering From A Playwright Named Bitter Bert

A playwright we call Bitter Bert & I once drank together at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak. A bartender named Meg took a liking to Bert, who quit his GM Engineering post, sold his house, took up hang-gliding in California and began an omnivorous reading program, literature to philosophy. He scored a few victories in play writing, learned to make great money in short term consulting gigs and started to speculate in the buying and selling of gold. He cared for a roommate with cancer, staying with him until the last moment of life. He bought a seriously used van with high mileage for his weekend road trips. He invented what I now call, "The Bert Plan".

The bartender named Meg joined up with a bass player from Goober and the Peas and became Meg White of the White Stripes. Two maxims can be derived from this story. First, act courteous at public houses because ones bartender is probably cooler and better educated than oneself. Two, everybody needs a Bert Plan. 

The rock paintings of Lamar Sorrento decorating all surfaces of HopCat East Lansing are fresh, unstudied and energetic. Mark Sellers has an unerring eye for outsider art.

Will Juntunen

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