Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wilbo Reads Fliers in Holton @PureMichigan to Learn Of Benefits & Binifits South of a National Forest.

Drove out to Holton for a brief writer's retreat, picking the Feed Mill Restaurant as a likely place to journal. It's a place with pizza and even a steak with shrimp dinner. The Apple Dumpling contains a full apple, cored and peeled of course. The big windows of the back wall allow gazing into a forest that joins with the woods of the Manistee National Forest, a forest that reaches all the way up to Cadillac. Who would be shocked if a family of deer, a flock of turkeys or a big black bear emerged from the tree trunks, arriving in the clearing? I ate at a booth along the back wall and watched the evening fill the clearing with night. 

Life happens here in Holton, even on the south edge of a great forest. A few stacks of fliers announce benefit dinners, a color run and even an auction at a farm with a retiring farmer. I'm fairly sure I'm wired in an unusual way as I am the only person who has noticed them in the past hour. The stacks of fliers are still tall, meaning few have accepted the handout of handouts. It must annoy the waitresses mildly when the stacks must be moved aside to clean the counter and then the counter dried so that the fliers are kept dry.

In a perfect world, I would drive out of Muskegon on Holton Road four times in the next month, to eat, to buy and to be entertained. I am sure a few interesting people would be sitting at the long tables at the dinners. I'm guessing at the auction farmers would keep to themselves, keeping intent away from the crowd, hoping to sneak a bid into a weak round of bidding and win a bargain when the gavel came down. 

I still don't know enough about the farmlands of Muskegon County. Yet, I have four destination where discovery of that rural world can begin.

Will Juntunen

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