Tuesday, April 7, 2015

After Almost Running Out of Gas in Chunky River, Mississippi, Wilbo is Saved by Gas Tank Fairies and Spaceway Truckstop.

December 22, 2014

I was making good time, two hundred miles out of New Orleans. I had
The Olllam as a Pandora station, a half-full bottle of water in the
dash cupholder for sipping and a full head of steam in my soul.
However, I had a low tank of gas and that meant a rest & fuel stop.

I took US-20 towards Jackson, Mississippi, and that was due west 84
miles, a wrong choice. I turned around at the Chunky, Mississippi
exit, even driving into downtown Chunky to see if gas could be
purchased. I found a decrepit station with two rusty pumps from the
previous century. So much for gassing up in Chunky, a village on the
Chunky River. River must be a big deal because Meridian, Mississippi
has a Chunky River Outfitters and a Chunky River Harley Davidson. So
after leaving Chunky, I returned to the all-lit up truck stop I had
noticed when I had made my bad turn.

Talk about a classic truck stop. Showers, laundry and a television
lounge await those who go beyond the "Trucker's Only" sign hanging at
the entranceway. In the restaurant, which has seating like a high
school cafeteria, a group of truckers and their ride-along girlfriends
and wives are holding a potluck. You can cook some serious cooking in
a sleeper cab.

I rolled onto the property in a car, so why do I feel okay in the
trucker compound. I have the soul of a long distance trucker.

I'm going to gas up, and then turn on Google Maps for its turn-by-turn
— at Spaceway Truckstop.

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