Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thanks to the Gas Tank Fairies, and Ignoring Google Maps Blithely, Wilbo Scores a Tank of Gas In South Bend, Indiana.

First, I blew off a gas stop because the station was a BP. Then Google
Maps had a freak out and began telling me I had to "Go West on Route
Six" or "Go East on Lilac Road". And so I turned off Google Maps
narration of my route. Then, I drove through the dark, passing exits
with no lights and gas stations. I barely understand my gas gauge, and
it was pointing lower than it had ever pointed before. The words
unplanned adventure ran through my mind.

Fortunately, the Intersection of US-20 and US-31 arrived and I scored
gas. As another positive, the yellow CHECK ENGINE light that had
flashed on while approaching Bowling Green Kentucky has gone out. It
was, as I intuited, just a code thrown up by the fuel system to say
the gas cap seal wasn't tight.

Onward. Home is within a tank of gas, and that tank of gas has come
aboard. The return from the South has proven to be an iron butt
experience. So where now are the cheering rays of Dawn?
— at N/S Continental Divide.

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