Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Glorio, Glorio, Glorio, to the Bold Fenian Pub: Wilbo Says Fare Thee Well to Fenian's Pub, Conklin @PureMichigan

As a first encore, Cathy Jordan of Dervish saved a solo to honor Terry
& Marianne Reagan, "Glorio, Glorio, to the Bold Fenian Men". Dervish
deserves status as an Irish music supergroup; Jordan's stories makes
Dervish an Irish legend. I am going to miss the St Patrick's Concert
out at Conklin's Fenian Irish Pub. I have missed few since 2009; I
even came tonight to the door without a ticket and a friend rustled
one up for me at face value. — at Fenian's Irish Pub.

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