Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On a Frigid Night in Late February, Wilbo Made Three Visits in Grand Rapids @PureMichigan, And He Revised His Life.

Monday, made three visits on a cold evening, to a center for
counseling for cancer patients and their families; to a senior
citizens home with a closed auditorium; to a church built of stone.
Today, I visited Blue Tractor Brew Pub and Bistro; a Portland Michigan
brewpub with a gallery; a ten year old brew pub named Schmohz Brewery
that has a piglet as a mascot in warmer weather. To visit is to revise
ones life? — at Brewery Vivant.

My friend, image is the mandorla, an image from sacred geometry. In
Italian, mandorla means almond. The almond is central to the script,
"The Melancholy

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