Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grand Haven @PureMichigan has a Literary Double Whammy: An Amazing Librarian Teams Up with a Perfect Independent Bookstore, the Bookman

I always like a good double-whammy of doing good. Buy a book from a
list at the Bookman, and it goes to the Loutit Public Library for
young adults to read. The indie bookstore benefits from a sale. The
young adults get a good read. The library makes its book buying budget
go farther. Wait, that's a triple-whammy! Is this a great idea from
the play book of librarian John Martin? According to a professorial
looking man who might be the ACTUAL Bookman, the library accepted a
large number of donations. This is proof that a good librarian like
Martin is actually imbued with superpowers somewhere during their
preparation for their calling.

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