Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Friend of Wilbo Who Lives in Grand Haven @PureMichigan Paints Birches That Are More Powerful When Contemplated in the Dark

Downtown Grand Haven is emptier than I've noticed in a while. The
Christmas money has been spent. The New Year's wine has been drunk.
The first Monday of the coldest week of the freaking year when we all
have had to report to work is now happy because we almost have kissed
it goodbye for another year. And yet, I find aBarbara Carlson tile
awaiting my consideration in a dark gallery, until the docent switches
on the light. Art can be considered for purchase in the right light
and the shadows. Most of the art sold at Gallery Uptown will become
familiar to its collector as he stumbles past in the dark, the
collector on the way to his water closet. Art that speaks in the half
light has art that depends upon light at a disadvantage. The dark and
dim hallways with poorly illuminated art are where we walk immediately
after we are awakened from dreams or as we return to our beds to dream
again. This art has a chance at inception, infecting the dreamwork.
Barb Carlson's art has an affinity for the dark. Surely the art of a
light chaser who has wrestled the darkness to at least one draw has
power to make art that requires little light?
— at Gallery Uptown.

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