Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Newaygo @PureMichigan, Wilbo Discovers the Town's Painter in Residence, Operating out of a Gallery in the Back of an Antique Shoppe.

Visiting Newaygo, I found Eric LeMire painting and selling out of a
back room gallery. Son of a family of pharmacists from White Cloud
Michigan, LeMire came home from a fellowship to paint murals and
reconnect with his roots. Local churches, the Episcopal and the
Methodist primarily, have retained him to fundraise money to restore
their stained glass. He's given a supply of antique brick culled from
the structure, such as an unneeded chimney. He paints images of the
church upon the hand made bricks. Newaygo bricks are made of yellow
clay culled from three nearby lakes and the Muskegon River. These Clay
bricks were once purveyed as Kalamazoo River Brick. Brilliant.

— at Muskegon River.

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