Saturday, September 5, 2015

In Which Wilbo Goes Head Over Heels for the Music of @MsLauraRain @RainLaura, Who Reigned Over the Showroom of Murat's Bakery, New Era Michigan July 18th, 2015.

Have mercy! Delilah DeWylde has sung her heart out at Muskegon Bike Time, and Laura Rain and the Caesars picks up musical duties at Morat's of New Era. Rain has a voice that's all gospel and a persona that's all Amy Winehouse. Speaking about Queen Bees & Prima Donnas, I didn't know that leading environmentalist Tanya Cabala could work a dance floor like that. I'm unsure if she's partying with her usual entourage or water nymphs of White Lake, a lake she cleaned up to pristine perfection. Morat's in New Era is a slice of life and it is all about a slice of bread. Morat's makes a famous English toasting bread that once graced fine tables all over the nation. The place worries me. Each time I ask the chef how much, he smiles in a beamish way and replies, "Later!"

As for comparing Laura Rain to Delilah DeWylde, I wouldn't attempt it if I were Camille Anna Paglia. But I bet Tamara Fox could decode and deconstruct it all. I'll just finish as I started, "Have mercy"!

Ever hear of a West Michigan tribute band called the Shagwells, who sing the songs of the British Invasion? Laura Rain would make the Shagwells break out in acne.

Worry not, Lost Boys nation, Delilah DeWylde will grace Morat's August 15.
 — with George FriendLaura Rain and Scott Veenstra at Morat's Bakery.

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