Saturday, September 5, 2015

During the Final Saturday of Muskegon Bike Time, Wilbo and Bikers at Pat's Road House Get in Touch with Toxxic Emotions Through Raw Rock and Roll.

Pat's Roadhouse stands on the outskirts of Muskegon near the Muskegon River wetlands and a complex that builds tanks and armored military transport for the American military. Pat's Roadhouse is truly on the road, positioned where Getty Street empties onto the US-31 on ramp. Outside city limits and most jurisdictions. As Rebel Road and Bike Time must shut down before Midnight, the yard of Pat's is the underground after hours party. It's a big night for the local band Toxxic who seems to be playing a Buckcherry themed program. Cool your pipes in the neighboring American Legion lot, overflow parking, as this party is hot and won't cool off until 2 AM. Wouldn't be surprised if the Roadhouse set out a breakfast buffet on the yard's picnic tables because no eyes are sleepy in Pat's yard.

Toxxic has opened up its last set with "Bad Company". It's an act. There's many here whose story would touch the heart and win admiration. However, it's time to roll before the army of Harleys depart the parking lot.
 — atPat's Roadhouse.

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