Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two Different Kinds of Campers, Experience and Inexperienced, Call Sheridan Landing on the Muskegon River Home for the Night.

Idyllic on the River at Sheridan Landing, and I relax in my car after kayaking from here to the boomlands, next to the power plant. Two camps are making a night of it on the River, and each has lit a fire under the starlit skies. The Big Dipper appears due north and from halfway up the sky, pours into the Muskegon River a water I cannot see. Fireflies poke around the leaves of low hanging branches. One camp has erected a backpackers tent, and quietly fill its interior with sleeping bags and pillows. The second party has built a fire with a long log no one can seem to burn up and continue an afternoon long drinking circle. They will sleep in their van. Heavy metal blares from speakers set outside the van.

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