Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wilbo Remembers All the Changes at One of Muskegon's Newer Restaurants, @Verdonis.

A comic on staff at Harris Hospitality writes these ad lines. The Deck has this comic's work on waitress tee shirts, "I'm outdoorsy; I like to drink at The Deck". Settled among dunes next to the vibrant bikini Beach Volley ball scene, viewing the breakwater waters and commanding a sundown vantage, The Deck provides the best of nature without bug or grit. The spacious wood deck might as well be a dance floor or a simulation deck from Star Trek. 

This side of the Verdoni's has changed. Once, the entrance into Olivia's stood here, and now the deli and wine shop has transitioned into additional dinner seating. The bushes are lovely; first year of Verdoni's, beautiful tomatoes grew along the building. The bar opened with a professional mural on the north wall, replicating a village wall in Italy with lithographs pasted up, ads for scooters & sparkling waters. Verdoni's built a walled deck, walled with cut limestone and fieldstones beyond that wall, a beautiful addition. Mural supplanted by eight garden doors now open to Summer air, the parking lot must be turned into a lagoon for gondolas.

Despite all these grace points, the Heartstone is still head and shoulders above any Harris Hospitality restaurant. Hearthstone practices Total Quality Management, and I wish the Listers were called in to take HH that subtle last mile to perfection.
 — atVerdonis.

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