Saturday, September 5, 2015

Has Randy Smith of Michigan Rag Company Created the Perfect Street Art Statue for Grand Haven Art Walk 2015, @GHArtWalk?

Literally, every child of a certain height for an hour has popped their smiling visage through this round port hole, and parents have pulled out their cameras to capture that smiling happiness. The Grand Haven Art Walk street statue for 2015 is a winner. Wish those cameras picked up a simple message so all know to enter art and visit in early Fall. Many of the street statues, five in a series including Rocket Fish & Spunky Dogs, have been designed by Randy Smith and the Michigan Rag Company atelier. I think Reb Roberts gets credit for one. This one is subtly effective and children feel the invitation to run around behind it, stand on the disk that keeps the statue balanced. — atDee-Lite Bar & Grill.

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