Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wilbo Remembers Opening Night at the Grand Armory Brewing Company in Grand Haven, Michigan.

The Pigeon Hill gang just showed up for the soft opening of The Grand Armory Brewing Company, led by Joel, Chad & Michael Brouwer. Maggie Bandstra has filled this two floored chamber of singing light with great art work by Chris Protas, Sean Sterzer and Maggie Bandstra. The woodcut prints of Andrew Jagniecki have an exclusive presence on the main floor. The White Lake artist has a family connection to the brewing families.

The big fermenters haven't arrived and only one beer is available for tonight's soft opening, the Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Chocolate. The small fermenters are working as fast as craft beer standards allow, and eight beer pours are almost ready to go on tap. Small batches marked the early days of Odd Side Ales, and the third microbrewery in Grand Haven has made us nostalgic for that time in, was it 2010? So we are all fine paying 2.50 for a five ounce tulip glass of the first stout. It's all the house can spare.

If you want a proper pint or a stem of wine, a full range of wines & gluten free ciders have been bonded in from Black Star Farms, Vander Mill Cider Mill and Virtue Cider of Fennville. Of course, special mention must be made of two wines from Oceana Vineyards, purveyed and vinted by the family of Renae Goralski.

I missed the Dutch Girl first night. So this soft open was vital.

Everyone is greeted by a coffee bar at the entrance, righteous from the start by serving the missionary coffees of Aldea Coffees. There's a Rancilo espresso machine on the bar, so one has to wonder what Aldea tastes like in a cappuccino. It has to be great by the espresso shot because Aldea coffee makes a great pour-over. Aldea Coffee and Oceana Vineyards make me feel at home this opening night because the brands have grown up at the Muskegon Farmers Market.
 — atArmory Art Center.

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